Some of Pastel & Rosen, LLP’s Accomplishments

  • Expansion of group personal excess laws. Chapter 544 Laws of 2010.
  • Preserved subrogation rights for no-fault additional personal injury protection (APIP). Chapter 494 of the Laws of 2009.
  • Extended the company employee adjusting licensing exemption within the holding company structure. Chapter 301 Laws of 2008.
  • Flexible rating auto/coastal protection, including provisions to withdraw from the personal lines auto market for de minimus books of business. Chapter 136 Laws of 2008.
  • Family protection coverage; expanded the definition of burglary and theft insurance to include coverage against stalking and threatened acts of violence. Chapter 294 Laws of 2006.
  • Required the purchase of an index number in lower courts as a means to track and to defend no-fault lawsuits. Chapter 452 Laws of 2005.
  • Required notice of premium financing to insurance wholesalers. Chapter 527 Laws of 2004.
  • Reduced time insurers of for-hire vehicles to be held responsible for non-payment of premiums from 45 days to 20 days. Chapter 613 Laws of 2002.
  • Permitted boiler insurance to be written by cooperative property/casualty insurance companies. Chapter 229 Laws of 2002.
  • Provided more equitable funding for the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation. Chapter 232 Laws of 2001.
  • Allowed employer sponsored group personal excess insurance to be written in New York as a exception to the general prohibition against group property/casualty insurance. Chapter 528 Laws of 1998.
  • Allowed for binding authority for excess line brokers. Chapter 225 Laws of 1997.
  • Allocated more funds to no-fault fraud prosecutions.
  • Permitted adoption termination expense insurance to be written in New York. Chapter 190 Laws of 1994.
  • Authorized managed care for no-fault.

Regulatory (a few Pastel & Rosen, LLP’s “firsts”)

  • Conversion of Cooperative P/C
  • Speed to Market
  • Auto Lines Withdrawal
  • Mold Remediation

Articles by Robert Pastel

  • “Who Invented Sharing Anyway,” Your NY Connection Magazine, a publication of the New York Insurance Association, Winter 2015
    Discusses the sharing economy and insurance.

  • “Sprinklers” with Thomas A. White, Your NY Connection Magazine, Spring 2015
    Analyzes the use of fire suppression sprinklers in residential homes.

  • “Going Alternative: The Emergence and Growth of the Alternate Reinsurance Market,” Your NY Connection Magazine, Fall 2015
    Describes the growth and use of cat reinsurance bonds.

Presentations by Robert Pastel

  • Presbyterian and Progeny: Whither No Fault?
    March 19, 2009
    Part of NYIA’s Staying Abreast of Property and Casualty Insurance Legal Issues CLE/CE Seminar

  • Survival Strategies in a Challenging Economic Environment
    November 5, 2009
    Part of NYIA’s Annual Meeting

  • No-Fault on Trial
    March 11, 2010
    Part of NYIA’s Prevailing New York Legal Issues for Property and Casualty Insurers CLE/CE Seminar

  • Impact of Federal & International Initiatives on the New York Insurance Industry
    March 10, 2011
    Part of NYIA’s Legal Issues Affecting P&C Insurers CLE/CE Seminar

  • Hydrofracking’s Legal and Insurance Ramifications
    October 12, 2011
    Part of NYIA’s Emerging Liabilities in New York CE Seminar